Delicious handmade preserves,
packed with fresh produce.

Jam Jar

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Our preserves are special. Every product is carefully made using traditional recipes and methods. You won’t find a more authentic product on the market.

Each jar is crammed with fruit – significantly more than found in high-street brands. And we have a huge variety of flavours, including some unusual combinations for the more adventurous connoisseur.

Locally sourced, hand-picked and sometimes foraged ingredients go into our preserves. So you can expect fresh produce, bursting with flavour. Plus, with each purchase, you’re supporting a local supplier.

Created in 2011, Hedgerow Preserves is the labour of love of owner Simon Ellis. Simon made preserves as presents for many years, before turning his hobby into a business.

‘Seeing rare fruit in local hedgerows sparked my passion. I saw an opportunity to make high-quality and unusual handmade products.

‘We use seasonal, local ingredients, often picking our own. We also gather from hedgerows in the time-honoured way. Hence our name, Hedgerow Preserves.’

Simon Ellis

Simon Ellis, owner